by Amy Tjaden News Editor


Did you know that in Amargosa, California, just over the Nevada border, there is a giant cow statue called Big Bovine? Or that if you take highway 95 into Nevada you’ll see the world’s largest fire cracker?


I have a thing for weird roadside attractions. I will plan road trips to ensure we get to see at least one roadside attraction during the drive. I recently used this obsession as a geography project for my boys. I had them log onto Roadside America . If you’ve never been there I suggest you head on over and take a look around. It is a really fun and interesting site. I told the boys to look around and to each pick any five attractions they’d be interested in seeing.


They had so much fun finding weird things to see that each of them had a list of more than ten destinations. Once they had their list of attractions they were given a map and told to plot their route. Then we used Google maps so we could get mileage.


It was a fun, educational project. The kids enjoyed it so much that they didn’t want to stop working on it. They both kept running back to the computer to look up more weird attractions, even thought it meant reworking their route. They’ve been begging me to take them to actually see Big Bovine. It is about two hours from here. We’ve decided to plan a small family vacation around this giant cow statue.


I recently heard of a mom who has a family member who is a truck driver. She is having the kids map out his routes. He calls them from various destinations while he is on the road and they post a tack onto a map. He also sends them trinkets from the various locations. What a great, interactive way to get the kids interested in geography.


What are some fun, creative projects you’ve done with your kids?


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