The homeschool community has lost a hero and pioneer of homeschooling rights. Chris Klicka, who was rushed to St. Francis Medical Center last week, after collapsing during a conference, died earlier today. He was 48 years old and had battled multiple sclerosis for 15 years.

Mr. Klicka was the Home School Legal Defense Association’s (HSLDA) first full-time employee, first-full time attorney, and first executive director. He championed homeschooling rights both in the United States and abroad. He not only defended homeschoolers right, but educated senators, representatives, foreign officials and even local public school personnel, truant officers, and social workers about homeschooling. He was a very accomplished author of five published homeschooling books and was working on two more when he died.

From HSLDA’s website, this is what was said about Mr. Klicka:

“Chris was both a people person and a goal person. He cared deeply about people, but was also driven to always do more!” says HSLDA President J. Michael Smith. “He was the most determined person I ever met in my life. Even with all the things he accomplished every day at HSLDA, he continually wanted to tackle new challenges and serve homeschoolers in more and better ways. He was so focused on the homeschooling world, but he was also very much focused on his family and dedicated to raising his children.”

Mr. Klicka and his wife, Tracy, have homeschooled all seven of their children, who range in ages from 11 to 21. He is survived by all of these and his two parents.

We will miss you Chris and we thank you for all of your work and support over the years.

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