It is not uncommon for homeschoolers to receive written requests from their local school system. However, not all communications are required by law for homeschoolers to complete. Such is the case in recent correspondence from North Carolina Division of Non-Public Education (DNPE).

DNPE sent homeschoolers a request for them to participate in their Home School Inspection By Mail program. Confused by this request, many of these homeschoolers contacted Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA). HSLDA has responded that it is not mandatory for North Carolina homeschoolers to participate. They may if they choose to, but they are not required.

HSLDA does warn that the letter requests many items that are not required by North Carolina law. “This includes the telephone number of the school, email address of the parent, the name of the county where the school is located, student enrollment by sex and age, confirmation that the school is operating on a regular schedule this year, and confirmation that attendance and immunization records are being maintained.”

It is important as homeschoolers we stay up with what is required by law. We have to be careful about filling out information that is not mandatory. As history has taught us, once homeschoolers start answering questions not required, there becomes a move by opponents of homeschooling to make it mandatory for all. That is followed by an attempt to add even more restrictions and/or requirements. This is not being paranoid, just learning from our past.

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