Continuing on with the previous survey, we are going to take a look at the top five ways good teachers influence our lives.

Although the surveyor thought that most responders would speak of captivating teachers, he quickly learned the most influential teachers were not necessarily the ones with the greatest teaching skills but instead utilized other constructive actions to positively enhance their students’ lives.

So, what was the top action that teachers took that positively influenced the lives of students? ENCOURAGEMENT! From telling a student they can do it or just stating they believed in them, had far more impacted on the students than anything else. This is something homeschoolers can replicate in the home. We can encourage each child to obtain the best for them.

The next four categories were closely related to the number one:

2nd place – SUPPORT: Teachers went beyond just teaching to the entire class, to really reaching each student and making each believe they could succeed. They offered assignments in various forms that would enable the student to progress in their assignments. This can easily be replicated in the homeschool environment. We tailor our curriculum and assignments to each child. Instead of making a child write a book report when he has difficulties writing, why not let him re-enact the book or a scene from the book for you?

3rd place – CARING: Children knew that these teachers who demonstrated caring really did care about them and cared if they succeeded or not. These teachers also gave each child respect.

4th place – INVESTMENT: Teachers in this category invested in their students outside the classroom. They took interest in their students’ lives

5th – CHALLENGE: Teachers here knew how to not just raise the bar but have their students motivated to jump over that bar. Yet at the same time, they did not belittle a student that had difficulties doing things that others in the class could. In other words, they knew how to have each student succeed and surpass what each could do based upon their abilities.

Each of the above items can easily be completed within the homeschool. These positive teaching abilities have long lasting contributions to student’s lives and should be emulated as often as possible.

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Written by: Susan Harris News Editor

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