The most intrusive and burdensome regulations to be imposed on homeschoolers in an English speaking country, is being present to the British Parliament soon. The bill would give local educational officials total control over whether or not a family would be allowed to homeschool. In addition, the parents would have to have criminal background checks prior to receiving final permission to school their own children.

This bill is based upon recommendations Graham Badman, after releasing a report last this past summer which was accepted by the British government as an authority on this topic.

From the Home School Legal Defense Association’s website, this is what one lawyer stated:

“This bill is breathtaking in its scope and reflects a perverse level of suspicion towards parents who home-educate their children,” says HSLDA Staff Attorney and Director of International Relations Michael Donnelly. “If this bill were to pass, it would be the most restrictive and overbearing law in the English-speaking world. It places total discretion in the hands of local educational officials to determine whether or not they will ‘register’ a home education program and would require criminal background checks for parents before they could begin homeschooling their own children.”

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Remember, we need to keep a careful eye on what happens overseas. There has been a strong tendency among some politicians to follow what the “rest of the world” is doing. Since homeschooling is a huge division among politicians and everyday people, it would not take much for someone to try and take our freedoms here in the United States back away. It wasn’t long ago that homeschooling was a major fight. We could easily return if we don’t keep an eye out.

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Susan Harris News Editor

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