On December 13th and 14th, the Northern Hemisphere and part of the Southern Hemisphere will have an opportunity to see the Geminids Meteor Shower. Geminids are medium-speed meteors and the display this year should be spectacular as we have a New Moon, so the glow of the moon will not interfere with the view of the shower. Most Geminids do not leave grand tails, however the brighter ones are often colored yellow, green or blue.

The Geminids are considered by many as the most reliable meteor shower as it returns every year in December. They can also produce over 100 meteors per hour. The meteors name is derived because they are near the Gemini constellation.

You can find further information and tips for viewing on the following website:

Just remember as you are viewing this wonderful site, to bundle up. It can be quite cold during the month of December.

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Written by: Susan Harris News Editor

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