Why Do You Homeschool?

9 December 8:50 pm
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“Why do you homeschool” or “what would possess anyone to homeschool” are questions that are often asked by others who just don’t understand the full concept of this life-style. This question was addressed in a research survey conducted by the National Household Education Survey Program. Once again, three main reasons were the fore-runners.

The most often answered to the above question was to provide religious and moral instruction. Now, most often people believe that it is the Christian sector that homeschool, but that is not the only group. Other religions, and those who don’t believe in religion, often opt to homeschool to provide a strong foundation in their children’s education incorporating their belief system, to include values.

The second most common reason for homeschooling is concern over the school environment. The public school system has progressed from simple bullying on the playground to dealing with fights, drugs, weapons, and mass shootings. Then we add in concerns over safety with students sexually, and we have a huge mess to contend with. Why would a parent wish to send their child to a war zone?

The third most common reason is the dissatisfaction in the academics of a school system. This includes academics for the average student, those that excel, and even for those that learn uniquely. Many feel that their children are not challenged. This is especially true in the academics for unique learners. Most feel that their child is thrown into a special education class and the school system just deems that their child has an inability to learn, and the parents know differently. Even with those that excel, many feel that their child is being held back. So, they remove their child and take on the responsibility of their children’s education.

There are still multitudes of reasons not touched upon here, but these seem to be the most common year after year.

So, why do you homeschool? Have you ever thought about it? Have you written it down? This would be a good time to do so.

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Written by: Susan Harris News Editor

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