Today, I am just going to give some snippets about some websites that may come in handy with your homeschooling. Some may work for you, while others may work for someone you know. Just a side note here, just because I am listing them for you, does not mean that is promoting these over other possible venues. I hope to provide these types of links periodically. Just remember that if you are not interested in it, someone else may be that subscribes to this list. Some may even be religious in nature; again we are not promoting one religion or another. We are just trying to provide information to our subscribers.

Who doesn’t like freebies? Homeschool Freebie of the Day list current freebies being offered that are of particular interest to homeschoolers. They have an e-mail newsletter that comes out weekly with the current listing of freebies. If you prefer, you could also visit the website. Check them out at

Do you have an aspiring photographer? How about someone that has an interest in art? Perhaps you would like a visual stimulus for a creative writing assignment. Then check out ( You can also sign up for a daily email so that your inbox is full of inspiration every day.

It is often said that the easiest way to understand history is for the student to learn from what is happening around them. What is current today, is history tomorrow. Current events are a great way to incorporate this into any current history program. If you would like a conservative view on the current events, check out You can even sign up for different types of current events per day. For example, if you wish to could sign up for Media Bias on Wednesday and a Quick Quiz on Friday. This is another great opportunity to show how history is relevant to their lives.

Need help with grammar? What about checking out Daily Grammar ( This site is great for those parents that need to brush up on their own grammar, as well as older elementary and up (typically). It is nice to see something geared for older students from time to time.

How would you like to receive some free audio downloads? Then check out The audios range from Jonathan Parks and his animal adventures to sermons. So, poke around, you may find something you like.

I would love for members to send in links to things they have found so that I can pass them along to other homeschoolers as well. Please feel free to send them and also success stories to [email protected]

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Written by: Susan Harris News Editor

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