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21 January 9:44 am
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I seem to find, and am sent, links to websites that I could possibly utilize in my homeschooling adventures. Not all of them apply to me, but they may be useful to others. So, I am planning on every Wednesday sending out possible helpful links. Now, as with me, not every link will be helpful to everyone that has subscribed to this list. So, please, if there is a link that doesn’t interest you, or agree with your beliefs, remember that others may find it helpful.

Math, it seems to be the subject most homeschooling parents fear tackling. Now there is some help in the form of a free interactive website. Children can play single person games or multiple person games, arcade style. The topics covered are things like addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, integers, fractions and ratios. If you would like help in geography and language arts, it is here too. Stop by and check it out at:

How about making your own science toys? This next website does just that. It helps teach scientific ideas and laws, all the while giving the child a hands-on approach. The skill level ranges from easy for young children to more advance for more matured students. From the little that I poked around, it seems most items needed were actually readily available in one’s house or easy to get. Click the link to check it out: provides free interactive simulations of physical phenomena. You can go in by subject and/or grade levels. It is worth a check.

Barbara Frank, a veteran homeschooler and author, has written a wonderful article about training children in basic cooking, hospitality, etc. This seems to be a dying art, but a necessary skill. She also offers helpful links at the bottom of her article so you can continue on the path of cooking creativity. You will need to scroll down the page a little to get to the actual article. Check it out at:

Here is one for the teens! Barbara Frank, the same author from above, has written a book that teaches teens about buying a car. This includes comparison shopping, financial considerations, and all aspects of the car purchasing experience. She has offered a “sample” of the first few pages in her book at So, “test drive” before you buy the entire book.

I would love for members to send in links to things they have found so that I can pass them along to other homeschoolers as well. Please feel free to send them and your homeschooling success stories to [email protected]

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Written by: Susan Harris News Editor

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