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27 January 7:46 pm
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Today is another episode of Wednesday’s Helpful Links.

Just a reminder, not all links will necessarily apply to you, your style of homeschooling and/or with your beliefs. I am not promoting one website over another. I am simply presenting some links and allowing you to choose what you would like to utilize. Since my readership is vast, some links will apply to you while others may apply more to your neighbor down the street.

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. How about making Valentine’s Day cards? Do you want to have some craft ideas? This site provides some inexpensive way for your child to say “I love you” to family and friends. Check it out at

Do you remember any of the Old Mother Goose nursery rhymes? Could you teach them to your children? Nursery rhymes are great for memorization and the rhythm they present are a precursor to reading. This first link lists the nursery rhymes in alphabetical order: This second link presents the rhymes by topic:

Do you like McGuffey Readers? Would you like to use 19th Century books and materials for a 21st Century Education? How would you like to do so for free? If this interest you, check out this website:

Historical Tool Kit ( provides short essays that help teach how to do historical research. They even give forms you can print out to assist in your research. This is great for those historians or for someone that would like a different approach to teaching history.

I would love for members to send in links to things they have found so that I can pass them along to other homeschoolers as well. Please feel free to send them and your homeschooling success stories to [email protected]

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Written by: Susan Harris News Editor

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