Most of us know how to stop a simple nose bleed, but what if it becomes more serious? What do you do if a child spills scalding water on them? has created a list of the top 12 first aid skills that every parent needs to know. So, what types of things make their list?

At the top of the list is to know when to call 911. Sometimes we try and handle things ourselves or don’t think it is as bad as it is, but there does come a time, and we need to be able to recognize it, when we need assistance from the professionals.

One of the items to make it on the list is how to save someone that is choking. A common mistake when a person starts coughing do to a mis-swallow, is to hit their backs. You should not do this. As long as they are coughing, they are breathing. If you hit their back, you could actually cause the object to lodge in their throat.

Second place is to learn CPR. It literally can save a life. Remember CPR has gone through several changes over the decades so what you learned back in high school may not (probably is not) what is recommended today. So, it is a great time to brush up and even have your kids take classes as well.

Nose bleeds, burns, nausea, diarrhea bee stings, splinter removal, and even treating head lice is on this list. has the entire list and give links to each of items for further detail. Check it out at

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Susan Harris News Editor

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