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4 February 7:24 pm
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Today is another episode of Wednesday’s Helpful Links.

Just a reminder, not all links will necessarily apply to you, your style of homeschooling and/or with your beliefs. I am not promoting one website over another. I am simply presenting some links and allowing you to choose what you would like to utilize. Since my readership is vast, some links will apply to you while others may apply more to your neighbor down the street.

Do you still have a need for a calendar? How about creating a few of your own or have the kids do it? You can get free printables from You can choose holiday themes, different characters, blank ones, etc.

Last week I mentioned McGuffey Readers, well today I have a link to McGuffey spelling lists and practice up through the 8th grade. These spelling lists are based on McGuffey’s Eclectic Spelling Book.

Do you have a scientist in the house? Well this next site offers a weekly newsletter with an experiment included for free. Now, there is content on the site that is for members only, but you can still glean a few freebies or perhaps you would like to broaden your scientist’s horizons. If so, go check out

With Phil, the weather forecasting groundhog, seeing his shadow this past Tuesday, we need to remember that our feather friends could still use our help in keeping them fed. What better time to remember this than National Bird Feeding Month, which happens to be February. To learn how to attract and observe feather friends, even specific ones, please visit

I would love for members to send in links to things they have found so that I can pass them along to other homeschoolers as well. Please feel free to send them and your homeschooling success stories to [email protected]

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Written by: Susan Harris News Editor

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