My Long Journey Towards Health

22 March 12:11 am
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My Long Journey Towards Health

This past weekend I went on a hike with a few friends and while we were mid-way up the mountain, I was huffing and puffing. I couldn’t remember the last time I had this much trouble hiking up a hill. To be honest, I always used to go hiking, but with life starting to move faster these days, buying our first home, going back to school to get my Master’s degree, working full-time, and all of the duties we have as adults, I just kind of “forgot” how important health and exercise is.

This is not a blog post about me feeling bad about myself–it’s quite the opposite. I was never a really skinny girl–even when I was younger I was always “big-boned.” I was okay with that until a few years ago when I had a family member pass away. Not because of him being overweight, but of cancer. After that, I realized how precious life is and that I wanted to become healthy. I immediately joined a gym and in one year, I had lost 120 pounds.. Yep, you read correctly…120 pounds.

I was healthy. I was active. I hiked every weekend, I went to the gym 2 hours a day. One hour in the morning and one at night. Then something went wrong..Well, maybe not wrong–because going back to school to get my Master’s degree was the correct decision, but I thought I could handle the workload in addition to the workout routine. Apparently I was wrong. Not that I have stopped exercising completely–I still go 3-4 times a week for about an hour–but in almost a year I have packed on 15 pounds. Yikes!

I don’t think that any of us know how these things happen. Maybe when the energy level of my childhood dwindled, my genetics saw an open door and swooped in. Maybe we can blame it on the busy schedules, the hundreds of television channels, having kids, etc.

And here is the funny thing about being overweight, we all think we are overweight. Even my friends who are a size 2, or even a size 0–yes I still have friends that are disgustingly skinny 🙂 (I LOVE YOU GIRLS!) think they need to lose weight. I know it sounds crazy, but in everyone’s minds, we could all lose a few. The thing that drives me nuts is that fact that it creeps up so easily that you don’t even realize it has happened until you can’t zip up the jeans you want to wear.

I used to be much more health conscious that I am now. When I lost the weight previously, you couldn’t pay me to put a piece of cheese pizza in my mouth. Now, I get a slice at least once a month with friends, and I even get dessert when we go out. You couldn’t shove dessert in my face 2 years ago. I just wouldn’t eat it. I was too health conscious to do that. I will never know when I made the switch in my mind. But it’s time to switch back.

Today. Monday. March 22, 2010!

I’ve already shared with you that I lost 120 pounds–I was very overweight. I’m 5’10” and if I told you my weight today, you wouldn’t believe me. I don’t actually look as heavy as I still am. I went to the doctor last week and she says I need to lose another 95 pounds. Yes, that’s right folks. Today I’m going to make some changes.

1. More Water: I don’t drink enough liquids. It’s not like I drink soda, or juice…I just don’t drink much at all, besides coffee in the morning. It’s bad–I know. but I desperately need to drink to be successful on this journey.

2. Smart Snacking: Working late most nights has turned into snacking late most nights. Even if it means packing up the computer and shutting down, I need to stop the late night snacks. If I get a craving during a night class, or while I am working on a piece for work, I need to grab almonds, or something healthy. An apple. Something other than sugar.

3. More movement: Today I am starting my new exercise regimen. I will exercise from 6-7am on my bike at home, then it’s off to classes/work depending on the day. I will also exercise again at night for one hour (or more if I have the time).

It’s time to shed this weight–once and for all. Any one out there care to join me in this journey?

Never stop learning,

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