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9 March 12:00 am
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What better classroom is there than the great outdoors? A place that is a never-ending exploration of science, math, art, geography, history and social studies. Do you remember the good ol’ days when we would run outside on weekends and just play, dig and explore all day long? We couldn’t wait to get outside in the mornings, and were bummed when Mom would call us in for dinner at night. Now that we homeschool our children, exploring the outdoors is just another subject in our overall homeschool curriculum. Exploring the scientific world of insects, plant life and weather provides real life hands-on learning outside of the written textbook world. Science, math and all kinds of other subjects come alive when children study them in real life. They understand the concepts beyond just what they learn in the textbooks.  When you learn outdoors, you get to understand life cycles, food chains, habitats and other scientific theories, which tend to be much more valuable when comprehended first hand by the learner.

Additionally, many other outdoor activities such as sports can enhance the understanding of addition, subtraction, algebraic equations, geometric shapes, measurements and probability (soccer is a great way to understand math). It’s also been proven that children comprehend much better through active participation rather than learning from flash cards and textbooks.

So what do you say, let’s ditch the textbooks today and go outside to explore the wonderful world of hands-on learning!

*weather permitting!*

Never stop learning,

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