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28 April 2:00 am
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My children are too old for this, but gosh, I wish I’d known about baby sign language when they were young.  Many people are signing with their babies.  If you google baby sign language, all kinds of companies and classes come up.

Think about it–signing with your baby is a way to communicate with her earlier and a way to relieve some of the frustrations she must feel when you don’t understand what she wants.

What I find interessting, is that baby sign language is NOT the American Sign Language used by the hearing impaired.  While there are some similarities between the two, baby signing is much simpler as it doesn’t require extensive vocabulary.  Following, are just a few signs you might make with your baby:

  • Bed–Tilt your head to the side with your eyes closed and lay your cheek on the palm of your hand.  Wow–that’s an easy one!
  • Blanket–Pull both hands up from your waist to end with both of your fists clutched in front of you.  This is basically, acting as if you’re pulling up a blanket.
  • Pacifier–Form your index finger into a hook and place it in front of your mouth.  Again–how simple!

Baby signing–a great opportunity to teach your baby early language and communication skills.

And remember–fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson

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