As I was reviewing products this week for our new product review section, one of them really jumped out at me and I wanted to share it with you. “Genna and Russ, The Generous Kids” is a very sweet story about being nice to others. One reason I liked this product is because I think it is an especially important message to teach our children. I hear stories daily of homeschooling parents pulling their children out of school because of bullying, teasing and other nasty stories and this book and musical cd have such a good message.

Genna and Russ are a pair of goat siblings that decide to spend time together sharing and caring. The artwork in this book is something I absolutely must point out. It’s clay modeling and it you look closely in the book you can see all of the details, it’s fantastic!

The books come with a CD of 6 songs and you can even buy the plush figurines to go with it. The website has more about Genna and Russ as well as a Generous Kids Clubhouse where you can find coloring pages and ideas for doing good deeds.

Here is an excerpt from the book,

Meet Genna and Russ,
busy, fun-loving twins.
What makes them so happy?
What gives them such grins?
They like to play soccer.
They swim and they hike.
In the winter they skate.
In the summer they bike.
But their favorite game,
they discovered one day,
comes from caring and sharing-
A new kind of play!

The book ends with an important question after the story ends: “How can you help someone tomorrow?” Isn’t this a great way to start a conversation with your kids about helping others less fortunate than ourselves? I give this one 2 thumbs up!

Never stop learning,

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