In my last post, I told you about all the new changes coming to this year. One of these changes is a new Product Review section. Since I started reviewing products this week, and came across a neat product, I thought I would share it with you all. Since I work at, I’m always the to-go gal for gift ideas. All of my friends want educational gifts for their children, and think I have all the insider knowledge. While this certainly isn’t true most of the time, I’ve got a really unique and special gift idea to share with you today.

It’s called, Little Passports. What I absolutely love about Little Passports is that it is so unique! Something I’ve never thought about before. It’s a great way to inspire a love and understanding of the world, and instill a sense of curiosity in our kids about geography and traveling. This product teaches children about various countries’ geography, history, culture, and language in a really fun way. Each month the characters, Sofia and Sam, travel to a new country on their magical scooter and share their experiences with your child. This subscription service, at a cost of $10.95/month assures your child will receive an exciting package via postal mail that includes an adventure letter, fun souvenirs, activities and access to the Little Passports online Boarding Zone, which is full of games and activities. Here is how it works:

The first month a special explorer kit is sent.

In each following month, your child will receive a package from Sam and Sofia as they travel to a new country. Each adventure package includes a letter addressed to your child from Sam and Sofia, fun souvenirs, an activity sheet, a photo from the country, a passport stamp, a map marker, a suitcase sticker, and a collectible boarding pass to access more online games and activities.

The Little Passports souvenirs are a fun, memorable and educational way to introduce your kids to Geography and Traveling. Examples of some of the items include: music CDs, traditional country toys, arts and crafts projects, puzzles, pencils/erasers, photos, stickers, and postcards. It’s always fun for kids to receive packages in the mail, so why not make it educational? The recommended age range for Little Passports is 5 to 10 years old.

This is such a neat product, and such a cute idea. I absolutely loved the big map that came in the initial suitcase. It came with stickers for the kids to put on each country in which Sam and Sofia visit. The kids had a blast with this product and wanted to know all about Japan and Brazil (the first two packages that came). Little Passports is a fantastic way to introduce kids to the idea of other cultures, and to make those far away places seem more real than just shapes on a map.

Do you have a product you think we should review? Send me an email. I’d love to hear about it.

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