It’s been a few days since my last blog post but I wanted to update you on what’s going on at right now. I am excited to announce that will be making some changes to the site this year. First off, we polled many of our users in January to see what we could do better at the site. Unanimously it came in that we needed a new design and better navigation. So, we’ve recently hired a graphic designer to come in and make everything look fresh and new. We’ve also worked with our webmaster to change some of the layout and make sure it’s easier for you to navigate. We’re in the design phases now, and we’ll slowly roll-out new changes starting in the next few months. We’re also starting a new Product Review section. Many of our users wanted insider information about the different products for homeschooling. Since there are so many different products, styles and curriculum’s out there, we thought it would be a great bonus to our site to have reviews from our staff about many different products on the market. We are also going to offer Regional/State resources. These resources will be combined with the local support groups so that you can find Piano teachers, ballet instructors, local supply stores, etc. in your area. These are homeschooling friendly businesses, tutors and instructors that want to help you in your homeschooling endeavors. You can view some of the listings now by going to, We are also working on the beta edition of a new community aspect of our site. It will be a great way to keep you connected to homeschoolers in your area and across the country, and will help support groups stay connected with their members by using calendars and meeting announcements. We hope that you’ll enjoy the many changes coming to in the coming months and hope that it will make the site more graphically appealing and easier to navigate.

I will be sure to send you an update when these changes go live, but I wanted to give you the inside scoop about what we’re doing and what you’ll be seeing very soon.

Never stop learning,

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