In traditional schools, P.E. classes can be frustrating and embarrassing for our children, especially if our kids are not naturally athletic, if they are overweight, or if they feel awkward undressing in front of others (I STILL don’t understand the need for P.E. uniforms!).  As homeschoolers, we can teach P.E. without the negative experiences and P.E. can be FUN, like it should be!

When it comes to physical education options, the sky is the limit and runs the gamut of a walk around the block with Mom (which can be very educational if you take nature breaks along the way) to horseback riding (often kids can ride for free in exchange for stable work–and that’s a learning experience in and of itself)!

For P.E. options that are entirely free, think of sibling and neighborhood interactions.  A neighborhood game of kickball or 4-square, or a good old fashioned game of hide and seek (my kids RUN like crazy while playing hide and seek) are great fun.  Or maybe hoops with an older sibling!  These options offer socialization and bonding experiences in addition to physical exercise.

For a nominal fee, community programs offer many options, and experiences that we as parents, don’t have the necessary skills to teach.  Think tennis, ballet, karate, ice skating, or golf lessons.  And often organizations offer free lessons in hopes that your child is going to want to continue.  My daughter enjoyed a week of free golf lessons from the course just a few miles from our home.  She didn’t continue taking lessons, but I’m glad she had the opportunity to try her swing.  And she did find out that golf carts are a total blast!  We ended up buying an old electrical golf cart and the kids (with their Dad’s help) figured out how to make it run.  It’s amazing how one learning experience can lead to many others.

What do your children want to do…want to play…want to learn?  The sky is the limit!

Because really, fun learning is forever learning,

Ann Simpson

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