Success Principles For Teens

7 April 5:52 pm
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Success Principles For Teens
By Rebecca Kochenderfer

Hello, this is Rebecca Kochenderfer from! Here’s an inspiring thought for you today.

“If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.” – Thomas Edison

One of my favorite habits is to start each day by sitting quietly out on the deck, sipping a cup of chai tea and reading a good book. Right now I am focusing on non-fiction books that I call my “smart books.” You might want to try this too. It really centers you and gets you inspired for the rest of the day. And I am learning so much…really stretching myself and improving my mind.

I’ve just finished an excellent book that I think you’ll like:

“The Success Principles for Teens”
By Jack Canfield and Kent Healy

You can listen to a free 60-minute interview I did with Jack Canfield at:
One of the great activities in this book is to throw an “act as if” party. A friend of mine did this for her daughter’s 21st birthday. Her daughter wants to be an actress and model, so for one exciting evening she “acted as if” she already is famous. She dressed up in a gorgeous evening gown and her friends and family acted like paparazzi, following her around, photographing her and asking for her autograph. The waiters in the restaurant and the limousine driver all got into the excitement of the event and treated my friend’s daughter like she really was a star. After awhile, strangers on the street started coming up, asking who this famous person was!

If you were to hold an “act as if” party for your child or teen, what would it look like? Autograph signing and media interviews for your famous athlete? A book signing for your budding best-selling author? Acting “as if” is more than just pretending. When you “act as if,” your brain gets comfortable with the idea and starts to believe you really are a famous actress or model or author or sports star. More importantly, when you throw an “act as if” party you are showing your child that you believe in them and that their dreams and goals matter.

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