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20 April 2:00 am
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I have a tin ear.  I can’t play an instrument, except for very, very, easy piano melodies.  Yet, I LOVE music and I appreciate how easy it is to learn if music is part of the learning process.  Need to learn history dates?  If they’re in a song, no problem!  Need to learn math facts–put them to notes, and it’s a breeze.

Using music in your homeschooling will make education fun and entertaining, and the important information will stick–plus, in a way, you’ll be teaching music at the same time.  You can even choose what type of music you’d like to use in your lessons–sing song, a pop melody, or even rap/hip hop.

You can find resources for teaching with music at the following web locations:

This last link shows kids that have made their own songs and subsequent videos–what a great learning experience!  My own son made a number of videos when he was in high school.   They were humorous in nature, but they were a learning experience none the less.  After looking at the above link, I think we missed the boat.  We should have made some educational videos as well!

Because remember–fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson

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