I don’t know a single Mom that can drive by a garage sale without slowing down and looking to see what’s for sale. Similarly, I don’t know a single child that can go to a garage sale without looking at the toys, sporting goods, etc.

So why not get up early on a Saturday morning, and hit the garage sales together as a family!  Going to garage sales as a family provides a multitude of fun learning experiences.

For instance, giving each of your children a set amount for the day (at our house each child gets $3.00) allows them to budget, learn what constitutes a good deal, learn what you should and shouldn’t buy used (we have a rule in our family–no puzzles or games–because of missing pieces), etc.

As a family, we purchase books, craft supplies, sporting equipment, homemade Halloween costumes, musical instruments, etc.  My kids have purchased boxing gloves, bicycle horns and pictures for their bedroom walls.  They are so happy with their finds!  So proud of their purchases!

Sometimes we go out after wards for a soda or an ice cream cone.  We make Saturday mornings a fun time for the family.

Learning, with a lot of fun thrown in–it’s a great combination!

Ann Simpson

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