20 May 2:00 am
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Inspiration is a wonderful thing!

A few times in the last few weeks, I have been totally stumped….and then almost on cue, a wonderful thought has sparked in my mind and lo and behold, the thought has worked!

We need to teach the importance of inspiration to our children.  Great scientists, artists and architects have all been inspired.  Human beings rely on inspiration.

But how do we teach it?  I believe we  1) explain what inspiration is  2) encourage inspiration  3) give our children the time they need to receive their own inspiration rather than answer the tough questions for them  and 4) reward inspiration with praise.

I also believe we exercise inspiration.  The more we use it, the stronger it becomes within us.

That said, there are those times when we draw a blank.  It happens.  We don’t get the inspiration we want or need.  That’s when we turn to others for help.  We should explain this to our children as well.

And remember, fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson

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