It’s easy to think that we can teach our children everything they need to know.  After all, we’re their parents!

But at some point, we have to admit there are some things we can’t–or shouldn’t even try to teach our children.  Maybe we don’t have the skills….or the patience….or maybe someone else can do it more efficiently/better than we can.

What are the two things I couldn’t teach my children?  Calculus….and how do drive a stick shift!  Calculus, because I had avoided the subject all together in my youth….and how to drive a shift….because after 30 minutes in the car with my daughter, I realized it just wasn’t a good idea.  When she stalled on an incline and the car started rolling backwards, I totally lost it (not a proud moment for me)!

My husband and a tutor helped with the Calculus and we hired a driving teacher that lived a few blocks away.  After just one lesson, my daughter knew how to drive a stick!  It was easy for her when she had the right teacher.

So….realize your strengths, build upon them….but also realize your shortcomings….and work around them.  Your children will appreciate it.

And remember, fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson

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