Encouraging Curiosity

7 June 2:00 am
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Albert Einstein is quoted as saying, “I have no special gift, I am only passionately curious”.

Children seem to be born with a natural inquisitiveness and a natural sense of wonder.  As parents, we should encourage their curiosity.

How to do we encourage curiosity?

  • We do not overburden our children with too many rules
  • We give them learning opportunities that have multiple paths to the ultimate outcome
  • Likewise, we engineer learning opportunities that have multiple outcomes
  • We accept their efforts without judging the specific results
  • We allow them to pursue their interests as well as subjects the world deems necessary
  • We remain open to all of their possibilities–accepting who they are….and not trying to change them

Perhaps we can raise our own little Einsteins!

Remember–fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson

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