Pickles Come From What?

7 July 2:00 am
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Kids love pickles!  They don’t necessarily like cucumbers though.  I bet your younger child will be surprised to learn that pickles are actually pickled cucumbers.

Make a lunch which includes a sandwich, a pickle, some sliced cucumbers and a glass of milk.  Notice what your child eats first….and what maybe your child eats last or leaves on the plate.  My guess is, it will be the cucumbers.  Now, explain that pickles come from cucumbers.  Then suggest the two of you make your own pickles. There are many sources on the internet for pickle making.  You can find one that isn’t too difficult.  One option is below-

If you don’t want to make your own pickles, the two of you can just examine a cucumber and a pickle together–to show your child that they are one in the same. Your little one will be amazed that cucumbers and pickles are related.

Remember, fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson

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