Would you like a little more help from your mate when it comes to homeschooling your children?  Here are some ideas on how to get Dad more involved–

  • Sit down together and choose educational goals for the upcoming year–do this together as parents.  Dad might have different views/goals.  His input is valuable.  Maybe he’d like your kids to learn about radio transmission or construction techniques.
  • ASK Dad how he’d like to get involved.  Have Dad pick a subject or two that he is willing to teach your children.  Perhaps he can teach auto mechanics, build a fort with the kids or  be in charge of baseball practices.
  • If Dad has a job where he can take the kids to work–let the kids learn what Dad does, the education that’s necessary, etc.
  • Have Dad go on as many field trips as possible.  Make field trips both a learning time and a bonding time for your family.

I’m sure Dad is a great resource–so get him involved!  Maybe he’ll realize that fun learning is forever learning.

Ann Simpson

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