Our World is Getting Smaller

16 August 2:00 am
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Our world is getting smaller. People travel across continents and interact with one another as they have never done before. Because of this, it’s beneficial for our children to speak more than one language.

What additional language should your child speak? That might depend on where you live, the languages that are spoken in your family and in your geographical area, as well as your child’s aptitudes and interests. But fyi–here is a breakdown of different languages and the number of people that speak them throughout the world–

  • English is spoken by 443 million people.
  • Spanish is spoken by 341 million people.
  • Russian is spoken by 293 million people.
  • Hindi is spoken by 442 million people.
  • French is spoken by 121 million people.
  • German is spoken by 118 million people.
  • Japanese is spoken by 125 million people.
  • Arabic is spoken by 197 million people.

Languages can be fun, and fun learning is forever learning.

Ann Simpson

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