Do I really have to change my oil every 3K miles? What if I don’t? Why is it so important?

Automotive oil is important as it lubricates your engine’s moving parts and minimizes the friction and heat within the engine.  Automobile oil also improves viscosity and fights corrosion and rust.

If you don’t change your oil in a timely manner, the oil becomes thicker, to the point of becoming a jell.  When this happens, there is less lubrication and increased friction.  This jell also causes a decrease in your vehicle’s performance, a decrease in gas mileage and a failure of engine parts, including the engine itself.

To protect your engine, it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s recommended oil change schedule, to use the proper grade oil and to change the filter at the same time you change the oil.

When your teenagers become drivers, they need to understand the importance of oil changes and car maintenance in general. This can be a great homeschool lesson.  You can teach the mechanics of how a vehicle works (great science lesson), necessary vehicle upkeep, roadside safety, overall responsibility, etc.

Remember, fun learning is forever learning.

Ann Simpson

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