Nick Ravagni is a homeschool success story, a college student, a musician and an entrepreneur.

Nick states,  “I was homeschooled from first grade to twelfth. Being homeschooled provided me with the opportunity to pursue my dreams and passions.  With the encouragement of my parents, I was able to gain two patents by the time I was twelve years old.  At eleven, I started teaching a weekly computer class at a local senior citizens community.  I am still teaching the class.  I have 78 students and after all these years they are like grandparents to me.  They were a huge part of my education, as they fostered me with all of their wonderful life experience.  I am so fortunate to have had so many experiences in my life.  I NEVER would have had those opportunities had I been in a public or even private school setting.”

As I mentioned earlier, Nick is an entrepreneur.  Two of his websites are and  The first site has a wealth of information for beginning violin students while the second site it oriented towards guitar.  Both sites are exceptional.

Please check them out and remember, fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson

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