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Are you the mother of pre-schoolers?  Are you homeschooling your elementary aged children?  Does the combination make homeschooling a daily challenge?

Here are some tips for making the homeschooling process run more smoothly–

  • Nap time is a GREAT time to focus on your older children.  Adjust the school schedule to take advantage of nap time.
  • Set aside special toys that your young ones are only allowed to play with during school time.
  • Your little ones want to mimic their older siblings.  Find something similar to what the older children are doing for the little ones to do as well.   If it’s time to do math, give your little ones their own manipulatives.
  • When possible, actually include your younger children.  If your older children are making puppets, include the little ones as well.
  • Trade babysitting time with other homeschool Moms, allowing you a few hours during the week of uninterrupted time to focus on your school aged children.

And remember, fun learning is forever learning.

Ann Simpson

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