Stop Texting!

1 October 2:00 am
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The statistics are frightening–

  • A driver texting is 6X more likely to be in an accident than a drunk driver
  • 26% of all drivers and 73% of all teens admit to texting or e-mailing while driving

As parents, we can purchase a product that actually STOPS texting!

CellSafety developed a software program that shuts off a cell phone’s texting, e-mail and internet capabilities if the vehicle is moving at least 10 MPH! The software is compatible with over 60 different cell phones and with all the major carriers, but the phones must have a data plan in order to operate the system.  Unfortunately, the plan does not work with i phones.

Additional info for Cell Safety can be found at

I didn’t know about this product until Bobbi placed a state listing with  Many interesting companies are listing their products and services in our Local Homeschooling section.

Fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson

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