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25 October 2:00 am
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Interested in receiving dental care at 30-80% off the usual cost?  It’s possible, if you live near a college that has a dental school.   And there are more than 60 dental schools in the United States!

Dental schools offer exceptional, state of the art care.  Patients are seen by advanced students (always with a dentist/professor overseeing), by foreign dentists that are going through a U.S. required program, by dentists that are becoming specialists in their field and by overseeing dentists that have been in the profession for decades.   Entire floors are devoted to dentistry for children and to orthodontics.  Every type of dentistry procedure is offered–even cosmetic procedures!

Appointments do take longer at the dental school, so I don’t recommend it for small children–but it’s great for older kids and adults.  It’s certainly a way to get top-notch, state of the art dental care for a fraction of the cost.

Ann Simpson

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