What is a Homeschool Co-op?

15 November 2:00 am
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A homeschool co-op is a group of homeschool families that join together to share in the education of their children.  Benefits of a co-op include:

  • an opportunity for homeschool children to experience learning in a group setting
  • socialization opportunities for both the students and the parents
  • the expertise, talents and interests of parents being shared among all students
  • the cost of supplies and expenses being apportioned among all parents

Often classes taught in a co-op are those of a more difficult nature (Math and Science), classes that require quite a bit of set up/clean up or that require specific tools (Cooking, Welding), those in which a group of students makes for an optimal experience (Physical Education) and classes that cover a very specific topic taught by an exceptionally qualified parent (ie., an artist teaching Modern Art).

Co-op classes can be an educational and fun addition to your homeschooling program.

Ann Simpson

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