Questions for Grandparents

15 December 2:00 am
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Chances are, your kids might be spending time with their grandparents this month.  Grandparents are a source of unconditional love and great knowledge.  Why not encourage your kids to video or tape record an interview with their grandparents this holiday season?  It will give them an opportunity to bond with their grandparents, learn about their grandparents’ lives, and make a voice or video record that they can have forever.  Sample questions they might want to ask include–

What is your birthday and where were you born?  Do you have siblings?

What were your parents like?

When you were growing up, what was your house like?

Did you have pets?

Did you have chores?

Did you get an allowance?

What was school like?  What were your favorite subjects?  What kinds of grades did you get?

What fads do you remember?

What were your favorite TV shows?

How old were you when you met Grandma/Grandpa?  How did you know s/he was “the one”?  How old were you when you married?

What was Mom/Dad like when they were young?

What makes you proud of Mom/Dad?

How is the world different today from when you were growing up?

Have you accomplished all the things you’ve wanted to accomplish?

What advice would you like to give me?

Of course, I’m sure  you can think of many more!

Make it fun–because fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson

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