One Year Adventure

21 January 2:00 am
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Hello! This is Rebecca Kochenderfer, Senior Editor of I admit it. I stole my son’s writing curriculum. Why should the kids get to have all the fun? I have all these great stories in my head, but my fiction writing skills are, let’s be kind, “not that strong”.  But I really want to write a novel, darnit. So I “borrowed” the writing course I bought for my son and I’m using it a little bit every day. I am having so much fun!

“The One Year Adventure Novel” is a brilliant DVD course designed for teens  who love to write and want to publish their own novel. You watch the DVD lesson (the teacher is excellent!) and then do the steps in the Workbook. By the end of the school year you will have written a complete, publishable novel. My son wrote a novel  for his senior project, printed copies of it on, and took the book with him on his  college interviews. The colleges loved  it and it was such a confidence-builder for him.

I can’t recommend this program enough. Just try to be a “good share-er” and let your kids use it too. The One-Year Adventure Novel is available at:

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