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3 January 2:00 am
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This is the time of year for resolutions.  What resolutions did you make?  To be more patient….to exercise daily….to visit your parents more often?

Have you thought about resolutions your children–your students can make?  This is something you can ask your children to think about….to decide upon…..and to write down on paper!  If your children have difficulty thinking of student resolutions, feel free to make a few suggestions.  These might include–

  • I will stop procrastinating (always a great one). I will get my assignments done with time to spare.
  • I will get organized (specifics might be necessary on this one).
  • In a similar vein–I will spend 5-10 minutes straightening my room every night before I go to bed.
  • Once a week, I will offer to do a household chore (I have to admit, many of these benefit you–the parent!)
  • I will read more for FUN. I will  read at least two books this school year just because they are of interest to me.
  • I will keep up with current events.
  • I will learn a new word every week–I’ll improve my vocabulary.
  • When possible, I will get an extra hour of sleep–I’ll go to bed early rather than sleep in late.
  • I will help my younger siblings with their studies–on occasion.
  • i will call Grandma and Grandpa once a week–it’s not study related–but it’s a nice thing to do!
  • I’ll involve the family pet in my PE activities when possible–after all, Fido likes to go on walks or run around the track!
  • I will do/make something for someone–I’ll combine a learning project with an act of kindness.
  • I’ll learn how to dance….or sew….or change the oil in the car–I’ll learn a new life skill.

Resolutions can be self-improving, but they can also be fun.  After all, fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson

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