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5 January 2:00 am
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My last posting was entitled Student Resolutions.  Now it’s time for Teacher Resolutions!  You didn’t think you were going to get off easy, did you?

What resolutions would YOU like to make in 2011 regarding your homeschool program?  Can’t think of any?  Well, you might want to look at your students’ resolutions…. and the following might be appropriate too–

  • I will be more patient.
  • I’ll get more organized.
  • I won’t let myself procrastinate.
  • I will be more understanding.
  • I will make classes as fun as possible.
  • When possible, I will get an extra hour of sleep.
  • I will become more involved in my local homeschooling community.
  • I will find interesting mentors for my kids.
  • Similarly, I will find interesting learning opportunities for my students–ones in and out of the home.
  • I’ll be OK when days don’t go well.  Not every day has to be a “10”.
  • I’ll be OK when plan A doesn’t work–after all, Plan B is often better!
  • I’ll say something nice to my students every day.
  • I’ll delegate when appropriate.
  • I’ll make “me” time.
  • I’ll try new things–in my homeschooling endeavors and in my personal life.
  • I’ll continue to learn.  After all, learning is a life long process.

What other resolutions can you think of?  Throw some enjoyable/fun ones in–because fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson

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