Tonight is a Full Moon

18 February 2:00 am
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Do you want to explain the full moon to your kids?  Below is an explanation–

When the moon appears perfectly round in the sky, it is known as a full moon.

A full moon is caused by the orbit of the moon around the Earth, and by the Earth’s orbit around the sun.  As the moon moves behind the Earth and the Earth is between the moon and the sun, more and more of the moon appears illuminated.  When the moon is all the way behind the Earth, the sun’s light completely illuminates the visible side of the moon, making it a full moon.

Although the moon takes a little over 27 days to completely orbit the Earth, it takes another few days for the Earth, moon, and sun to be in the proper alignment to cause a full moon. Thus, the lunar cycle is around 29 days in total.

Fun!  And fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson

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