A Repeat?

18 May 2:00 am
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As a family, we don’t usually vacation in the same place twice-we like to pick new and different destinations each year, but I think we’re going to make the Outer Banks an exception!  Our lodging has been so comfortable and easy, the kids have already learned so much, and the family togetherness that we enjoyed-well, honestly, it can’t be beat!

Since Seaside Vacations offers over 300 lodging options, maybe next time we’ll choose a different location or a larger home (after hearing how great this vacation was, additional relatives will come next time around).

You know it’s a great vacation, when you haven’t even left yet, and you’re already talking about coming back!

*Tip:  Escape to the Outer Banks during the “off” season and discover smaller crowds and low prices…both of which can make your getaway a more enjoyable one!  You can find great bargains and no shortage of activities no matter what time of the year on the Outer Banks.

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