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8 June 2:00 am
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I spend a lot of time on the internet, looking for websites, physical locations, etc., that are of interest to homeschoolers.  Sometimes, I even find remarkable people in my search.  That is exactly what happened when I found and Mr. David Daugherty, the man behind the gardens.

Mr. Daugherty impressed me. He is a man of humble background, who achieved much, and then gave back to his community. In his book, Cathedral Gardens, Expressions on garden design, creativity and God’s grace, he states that he was not a gifted student–in fact, he didn’t like school at all.  There was nothing in his background that would lead you to believe he would achieve great success–but once he found his passion, he excelled.

Mr. Daugherty thinks his experiences are important to homeschoolers.  He hopes homeschoolers might get something from his book–on the importance of finding one’s passion–and the importance of faith. Homeschoolers might even get a few gardening tips at the same time (Bright day lilies are a “must’ as a bedding plant) !

Cathedral Gardens in now listed on our Indiana and Kentucky state pages.

And of course, fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson

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