Father’s Day–HERO Day

10 June 2:00 am
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Father’s Day is coming up–so of course, I find myself thinking of, and missing my father.  He died about five years ago.

He was–and still is, my HERO.

When I was growing up, he was busy supporting the family, but I remember him at swim meets, father/daughter events–he even took me shopping a few times–which he loved to complain about–“How can we go shopping for an entire day, and come home with nothing?”

I went to the college where my father worked, and he often drove me home when I needed to do my laundry, visit my dog, and just enjoy being with family.  It was an hour drive, and we bonded while on the road–I found that I really enjoyed talking to him!

As an adult, I realized how truly wonderful he was.  He was my “go-to” person, in so many ways.  I wanted my children to appreciate and love him too–and they did.  I can honestly say, he was their HERO too.

One sad day, out of the blue, our roles reversed–I became the parent.  Even then, he remained my HERO. My Dad died about a year later.

Father’s Day is June 19th.  Why don’t you and the kids think of something wonderful to do for your Dad and for theirs.

Dads are special.  Let them know it.

Let them know they’re your HEROES.

Ann Simpson

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