This month, my children learned the following regarding the registration of a vehicle–

  • Some transactions can occur online–you don’t need to go to the DMV and wait in line
  • To register a vehicle, sometimes you need to have it smogged first
  • The smog process is actually interesting.  If the smog technician has the time, he can explain the process to you
  • The smog shop sends the results electronically to the DMV.  Provided you start early enough, you can then complete your registration online
  • If your address is not up to date, and you do everything else in a timely manner, you may STILL have to go into the DMV
  • When you can’t complete your business online, it’s wise to make an appointment–appointments save time

After this lesson, I’m pretty sure, my kids will smog their cars a month prior to registration and they will make sure their addresses are up to date.

This was not a particularly fun lesson–but it was an important one!

Ann Simpson

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