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13 July 2:00 am
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Gardening is fun and educational and the website Taste of Home has an informative article on how to encourage your children to have fun in the dirt.  I found out about this article from one of our readers, Susan Williams.  Susan wrote in when I asked individuals to share their blogs with us.  Susan’s blog can be found at

From Taste of Home, the ten best plants for kids to grow are-

  1. Sugar snap peas. Kids love to eat them fresh off the vine.
  2. Lettuce. Easy to grow and lots of cool color varieties.
  3. Radishes. Within a month, these fast growers are ready to pick. Just for giggles, try red, white and purple varieties.
  4. Carrots. Quick-growing carrots are perfect for short attention spans.
  5. Potatoes. Kids really dig potatoes, which are as much fun to harvest as to eat.
  6. Green beans. The big seeds are fun and easy to plant.
  7. Cherry tomatoes. Little hands love to pick these tiny fruits.
  8. Pumpkins. Plant a smaller variety, like Jack Be Little, for your smaller helpers.
  9. Sunflowers. These beauties take off without much work, and come in tall or small varieties. Plus, it’s fun to harvest the seeds, or leave out the seed heads to attract birds.
  10. Broccoli. Like many veggies, garden-fresh broccoli tastes sweeter than store-bought.

Usually I end with my “Fun learning is forever learning” line, but today, I’m going to use a line from Taste of Home–Remember…. one of the most important things you’ll ever grow…. is a gardener! How fun!

Ann Simpson

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