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15 August 2:00 am
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Back-to-Homeschool Magazine, is a FREE online homeschooling magazine, developed by and for homeschool girls. The founders are Ijana (age 15) and Trisha (age 16). Ijana writes and receives many of the articles for the magazine, and answers any email questions. She edits and arranges the articles. Trisha creates the covers and does the article design for the magazine and she writes some of the content. She likes to draw the cartoon images that appear in each issue. She created the BTH website.

The Spring 2011 issue can be seen at

Ijana and Trisha accept submissions to their online magazine–maybe your daughters have something of interest they’d like to share with other homeschoolers.

To find out more about this entrepreneurial effort, to sign up for your copy, to submit content or to find a pen pal, visit

And remember, fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson

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