We’re Multi-Taskers!

26 August 2:00 am
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The following was taken from the book Highlighting Homeschooling by author Bethany M. Gardiner, M.D.

Education is intertwined with the rest of life in a confusing array, a multi-tasker’s paradise.

Dr. Gardiner goes on to write, Education shouldn’t be compartmentalized away from daily life.  It co-exists and is intertwined with life and family. Homeschooling seamlessly integrates life and education together.

I really think these few sentences sum up homeschooling to a tee and can be used to explain homeschooling to others.

After all, we make going to the DMV or the veterinarian an educational experience…and we turn cotton candy into both a science and an economics lesson!

We have fun doing it too–because we know–fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson

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