Susan Howard, founder of, shares with the inspiration for creating the “ultimate online lesson planner and record keeping system”.

“I am not an organized person.  So to compensate, I used to spend weeks every summer preparing  “The Brain” – the all inclusive forty-pound binder that kept a year’s worth of lessons and day planning for three children covering seven subjects, plus my Declaration of Intent, resource lists, phone book, reminders, and a slew of other important “stuff”.   One day I lost my “Brain”. Panic set in.  I couldn’t imagine rewriting by hand  several months of planning for 21 subjects!  That is when I asked my Internet Developer husband to build my dream planner – an online planner that I could access from anywhere and could easily manipulate, navigate, track and grade daily assignments, schedule events, keep records automatically, import data from previous years, store resources to search on myriad criteria, produce official transcripts and diplomas, and could not leave behind at the park.

Finally, after years of design, redesign, and the typical roadblocks that arise while home schooling and raising five children, we launched just in time for the 2011-2012 school year.

It is great to finally have my dream realized, but even greater to receive the thanks and praise of so many of our users.  “This is the best planner by far that I have tried”, “Love love love this planner!”and “Thank you so much for the effort you put into this for us” are just some of the comments we have received.  And as we continue to develop and add functionality I am excited about our ability to support other home educators.”

You can check out LessonMinder free for an entire year at

As always, fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson

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