26 October 2:00 am
Posted By – is a free site designed to help kids learn about the world through maps.

Here is what I learned from this site–

The three states which have the most coastline–

3. California, with 840 miles of coastline  2. Florida–1,350 miles  1.  Alaska–with 6,640 miles of coastline!

The three states with the highest population density–

3. Massachusetts with 816 people per sq. mile  2.  Rhode Island with over 1,030 people per sq. mile  1.  New Jersey with 1175 inhabitants  per sq. mile.  Alaska is the least populated state, with only 1.16 inhabitants per square mile.

Countries in the world with the highest populations–

Country Population
China 1,339,724,852
India 1,210,193,422
United States 312,061,000
Indonesia 237,556,363
Brazil 190,732,694
Pakistan 177,028,000
Nigeria 158,423,000
Bangladesh 151,146,000
Russia 142,905,200
Japan 127,950,000

And of course, fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson

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