Roy Zanatta from K5 Learning sent us a blog article entitled, “Study: Children’s academic future decided by grade 3”.   This article sites data that shows that students who are not performing well above average in reading and math by grade 3 are highly unlikely to ever become academic high achievers.

In the study cited, “children who performed in the bottom 1/3 in reading or math in grade 3 had less than a 1% chance of being high achievers by grade 8.  Even average students in grade 3, (between 40 and 60 percentile) had less than a 5% chance of becoming high achievers later.  Note: A high achiever in grade 3 math is 143 times more likely to be a high achiever in grade 8 than a child performing in the bottom 1/3 of grade 3 students.”

“A high achiever in grade 3 math was 17 times  more likely to be a high achiever in grade 8 than your average grade 3 student, and  142 times more likely than someone who was performing in the bottom third of students in grade 3.   The results were broadly similar for reading.”

Roy wrote, “I thought that some of your homeschooling parents might be interested in an article we published today.  Part of what we do is try to urge parents to be proactive in their children’s education, and obviously homeschoolers are ahead of the game in that respect.”

Thanks Roy.

Ann Simpson

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