When Santa Got Sick

8 December 2:00 am
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An instant Christmas classic…

Are you raising your children to believe in the birth of Jesus Christ, but still embrace the idea of Santa Claus while they’re very young? Well, good news–there’s an app for that! And just in time for Christmas! Food4thought Productions has launched an interactive and educational book application made for the iPad and available through iTunes. It is available on Amazon Kindle and Nook Color as well.

When Santa Got Sick tells the tale of how Santa cannot make it out on Christmas Eve so he commissions individuals all over the world to deliver presents — he also reminds everyone what Christmas is really about — the birth of Jesus Christ.

When Santa Got Sick features time honored Christmas music as well as an original Christmas song, “Emmanuel Has Come“. The book contains 18 pages of original illustrations, which are are both colorful and engaging.

When Santa Got Sick is an interactive book–and it’s an educational tool as well! Food4thought Productions added a feature for children just learning to read. Kids can identify letters and words as a moving highlight matches the reader’s voice.  After just a few times, you can turn off the sound and let your kids read the book themselves!  Be prepared though — your kids might want to read this tale over and over and over again!

When Santa Got Sick is inexpensive ($3.99 on iTunes and $5.99 on Amazon Kindle and Nook Color), fun for the whole family, and can be given as an educational and entertaining gift!

This isn’t just a book for the little ones–children of all ages will enjoy When Santa Got Sick!

And yes…fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson

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